Custom Printed Tool Labels

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The customized heat shrink is ideal for any tools that you would like to customize. 

Whether you have some labels that are fading away or, want something to match your pit, these are the right choice for you!

They are available in a variety of combinations, and can also be custom ordered with exactly what you would like. 

These can be ordered in 3 sizes, be sure to select the right size for your drivers. 

For example: we use the 3/8" size for the MIP style drivers, if your putting them over a larger part of a driver a larger size is required. 

It should be be noted that 3/8" heat shrink will fit over a 3/8" diameter item, and so on. 

All of our heat shrink has a 2:1 shrink ratio, which means that it can shrink to half of its original size. 

To apply these we recommend a heat gun, or a hair dryer, and gently apply heat to shrink the labels over the desired products. 

We do suggest using a non abrasive cleaner on these such as an orange citrus cleaner, do NOT use motor spray or brake clean.

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