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Introducing an industry first – Tungsten screws

Please note that these are out of stock, and are on a pre-order, we expect to have them in September.

·       Inertia Tungsten alloy is 225% heavier than steel, 200% heavier than brass, and 150% heavier than lead.

·      Yield's a 2.5 gram net gain per 5x screws used - at the lowest place in the car.
Yield can be even greater if you use 8mm in place of 6mm screws where possible.

·       Frees up valuable space on top of the chassis.

·       Gives greater ability to place electronics and weight exactly where you want them.

·       Can also be useful to tune the vehicle, with weight bias. This is done by easily by isolating the Inertia Tungsten Screws to one area of the car. 

There are a select few ways to increase corner speed; one of which is to lower the Center of Gravity in your car - or simply placing weight as low as you can. Inertia Tungsten screws put the most weight at, the lowest possible point, the bottom of the chassis.

"Simply switching a car over to Tungsten screws allows for more corner speed, and faster laps."


Lastly, our Tungsten Screws have been tested against several brands of steel screws. The team have found that they've outlasted steel screws (head deformation) and did not deform like some steel screws can over time. This is due to Inertia's proprietary Tungsten Alloy formula. 

These v2 tungsten screws have an even heavier and more durable formula, than our first batch. Most importantly they have a true 2mm hex, with the same amazing specifications as our other Inertia screws! 

·       Available in M3 and 4-40 sizes.

·       Sold in 2 quantities - 3 and 10 pieces.


·    We will be placing a new order in a few months for 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 1/4", and 3/8" m3 & 4-40 respectively. 


Why are Tungsten Screws so expensive ?

Tungsten is very difficult to work with and the process to do so is very costly. Fortunately, we've done all the work necessary to ensure a quality product that you should be able to use over a long period of time - This assumes that they're used in a manner consistent with what they were developed for.

Are they worth the money ?

This is tricky question, it is up to an individual, to evaluate whether they are looking for a cut above the rest . For the racer that's looking for that extra little bit, that special elusive edge over their competition - this is a must-have, especially in higher grip situations.

How much can I tighten them?

We recommend the Three Finger Method - basically you hold your driver with your thumb, index, and middle fingers only and only tighten until the driver begins to slip in you fingers and no more. Tungsten screws are tough but they can and will break if over tightened. Using this method will ensure that the screw is tight enough without risking breakage, (this is the same process that Inertia uses to tighten our team’s steel screws, please find the instructional video coming soon).

Can I use Locktite or thread lock ?

Absolutely NO !! 

When following the three finger tightness rule, a screw should not become loose. We highly advise against using any thread lock on any screws that are maintain regularly.  


In the very unlikely event of a breakage, you will quite literally never be able to remove it from whatever it's screwed in to. Tungsten is one the hardest materials around and cutting or drilling it out is extremely unlikely. Proceed at your own risk.

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