Inline Amp Draw (Rev) Meter

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Don't be fooled by the cheap products made in other countries. Each meter is hand crafted JUST for you, right here in the USA! Get the most durable, reliable and customized leads in the business!


·        20+ sheathing colors!

·        Hi-Amp gold plated bullet connectors for a tighter fit, and superior amp carrying ability

·        Made with our Leveled up INSANELY high (1600+) strand count wire. This allows for Hi- amp rapid charging, with a super LOW resistance.*

·        Custom printed heat shrink available.

·        4 wire types available: 12 awg (white/black), 10 awg (white/black),

·        Variety of battery and charger side connectors available

  • Made with adhesive dual wall heat shrink, for extreme durability and a super clean look.           


*1600 strand count for black 12 awg only, other 12 awg are 700 strand count. 2100 strand count for black 10 awg only, other 10 awg are 1050 strand count.

Please note that this is for one lead per listing.

If you are in need of directions, or have any specific questions please message us on our Facebook page 
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